AcademicsPreparing for a STEM Career

STEM-related degrees are just some of the 41 undergraduate and 22 graduate degree options Tuskegee offers. It is cited as the top producer of minority graduates nationally in many of these career fields.

A student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1 allows students to develop life-long friendships with classmates and invaluable mentoring relationships with faculty.

Corporate partnerships and government research projects frequently give students hands-on experience applying classroom techniques in a mentoring or laboratory setting, as well as build their professional networks for when they seek internship and job opportunities.

Student success is ensured through a variety of tutoring programs, career fairs, cultural and study abroad programs, and other resources providing students with health, counseling and social support.

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Here at Tuskegee University, we offer multiple STEM programs such as animal science, mechanical engineering.

Chemical engineering, chemistry, biology.

And we're the only HBCU to offer an undergraduate program in aerospace engineering as well.

My friends and me personally, we come together and we talk about how rigorous our curriculum is and how it takes a very focused person to be able to get through it all. And I know because of all these factors that it'll prepare me better for my career field.

With research and development opportunities here as well for being a teacher aide as well as being able to conduct labs with the teachers themselves, you're more so able to develop a bond with the faculty and staff here at Tuskegee University.

There are many research opportunities available for students on campus. For example, we have groundbreaking research in animal science, health care, and agriculture. Opportunities are always being passed down to the students. We have resume workshops. Professors are constantly talking about new and upcoming internships that are available.

Tuskegee has prepared me to compete for any job that I want thanks to the lab work, class work, project work, and the exposure at career fair.

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