Joining the FamilyA Place to Call Home

More than 100 organizations — ranging from student government, Greek life, academics, ROTC, and campus programs — allow students to develop their leadership potential and make life-long friends. More than half of Tuskegee’s students live on campus, which further broadens students’ social networks through residential and immersive campus life programs.

A student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1 and an enrollment of around 3,000 allow students to develop close relationships with classmates and faculty, who prove to be invaluable resources as they seek internships and job opportunities.

Every family needs a mother figure, and “Mother Tuskegee” is that for our students. This term of endearment comes from the university’s alma mater, written in 1906 by famed poet Paul L. Dunbar.

Tutoring programs, career fairs, and cultural and study abroad programs — along with health, counseling and social support resources — are all part of Tuskegee’s comprehensive support network.

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So Tuskegee University is not just a place where I'm earning my degree. I'm learning how to be bold. And I've actually gotten that feedback from previous internships.

Tuskegee has definitely helped me increase my leadership skills. Tuskegee pride is one of the biggest takeaways you get from the University. Not only are you getting the degree when you come here, but you're also going to get that pride for yourself. It's going to encourage you to excel even more and also just reach places that you've never reached before.

I love being at a small school, especially in the engineering classroom. I actually have a one-on-one relationship with my professors. They don't hesitate to take 20 to 30 minutes to explain something again.

The most valuable thing that Tuskegee students leave the university with, besides a great education is definitely a family. Tuskegee is lovingly called Mother Tuskegee because she's like a mother. It's not easy at all times, but like a mother, she's there to nurture you along the way whether it be your professors, fellow students, the community. They're always there to nurture you and help you to succeed.

My parents met here. They've been able to have lifelong careers with their educations from Tuskegee.

Everybody is willing to lend a helping hand. If you need anything extra done, nobody is hesitant to get it done. And it's a place that I can literally call home for for forever.